Attitude Is Everything

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Published: 08th October 2012
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Attitude Is Everything

If you don’t adjust your attitude, your life will continue as it is today. Oh yes, you’ll have periods when it seems like you’re better off than you were a year ago and then Bam! You’ll realize you’re exactly the same. Nothing has changed. That’s because your bad attitude hasn’t changed.

Do you want you life to be different? If the answer is yes, then make the commitment right now, today, to consciously turn your life around by adjusting your attitude. Develop a winning attitude A really positive attitude change involves:
● Practice
● Commitment
● Time
● Effort

A continuous effort is necessary to keep you from falling back into old stinking thinking habits. Look in the mirror each morning and congratulate your self on your efforts.
Then go somewhere quiet and write in your journal.
Why keep a journal?
What’s this about writing in a journal?
In order to clean up and change your attitude to one of gratitude you will need to do a few things:
1. Keep a Journal - Get a spiral notebook and name it “My Daily Journal.” In it write down all the positive attitudes you experience each day and also all the negative self-defeating ones. No need for a moral judgment.
Just write each day and notice how the patterns change.
Within days you’ll notice that you:
● Feel better
● Smile at more people and more people smile at you
● Accomplish more
● Have a sense that life is good
● Are discovering a new you

2. Meditate - Arrange for some quiet time each day. Read inspirational books, take a walk, visualize, ask a higher power for guidance.
Just take time to be with yourself. You’ll be in good company.

3. Take a personal inventory - Make a list of all the people you know, living and those deceased.

4. Make amends - List the amend you owe them. Arrange to meet with them, call them or write a letter. Make your amends; this will clean up the wreckage of your past.

5. Start walking. Walking makes the whole body feel good and when your body feels good your attitude become more positive. You feel the benefits immediately. You still have lots of work to do. You’ll perceive everything differently the instant you make a decision to change your attitude.
By day two you’ll be a happier person. There is real power in committing to change your life.
You will feel better. I guarantee it.
Success Attitude Who’’s running your life?
• Is it you?
• Is it events?
• Is it your cell phone and pager?
Take charge. Develop an attitude of being in charge of your life. This will not allow you to react to life’s events. It will require you to take action.
You can start your day anew at any time. Simple draw a line, take three deep breaths and tell yourself you are a positive person with a winning attitude. It Works! Your success attitude must work everywhere. The people you live with are deserving of your best attitude. So stop putting on your happy face at work and lapsing into your gloomy face at home.

“God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Behaviors for a positive attitude
Practice ethical behavior in your work, at home and on the road. The golden rule may be old and it may be corny but it still works. In case you’ve forgotten it: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

7 Steps to a new you
1. When you are wrong admit it. “You know, I am wrong. I made a mistake.” Tough to do; but do it.
2. Continue to work on your personal inventory and when an amend needs to be made. Make it.
3. Live in you’re here and now. One day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time.
4. Stop taking yourself so seriously. You will not get out of this world alive.
5. Everyday compliment someone for something.
6. Everyday give yourself a pat on the back.
7. Everyday meditate, write in your journal and smile. Enjoy your new winning attitude.

By committing to practice a few simple self improvement exercises you can totally change you attitude in just a few days. Change your attitude and you change your life. Couple this with writing your goals and learning how to mange your time and the sky’s the limit.

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